Wood Framing

A solid interior framework is crucial for building a strong residential home. Accounting for stress points, drywall hanging, and electrical wiring is absolutely essential during the framing process, or the finished product is a display of poor workmanship. Our teams understand how important this process is and take every precaution to ensure the framework of your project is future-proofed. We will address and update issues within the framework after it has been completed by the previous contractor team or we’ll work closely with you during a remodel process to ensure a secure framework that stands the test of time. Our wood framing for residential locations is focused on giving you and the other contractor teams a solid framework to build upon.

Our wood framing services are primarily for addressing poor framing in a project before we hang drywall/blueboard or for residential remodels within a home. Sometimes framing needs to be replaced or altered during a project and our teams focus on providing that service. During the framing process we are focusing on how we can improve the existing structure to account for the future residents of the location and how we can support the walls within the structure. During the remodel process we want to focus on how to repair and expand the existing framework to provide a secure building block for you and the contractors after us.

If you need wood framing for a residential or commercial location, contact us! Our teams have years of experience and are committed to ensuring your safety and satisfaction with any job. A proper framing job is crucial for the sustainability and safety of your home, so you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in a life-long framework for that home.